Safe, effective, and biodegradable enzyme cleaners that eliminate tough pet odors and stains, leaving your pet store fresh and clean. Experience the peace of mind that comes with a safe and comfortable pet store for your furry friends.

No. 1 choice for Professional Pet Grooming Salon & Pet Hotel


Purify Your Pet Salon and Pet Hotel with SHIBUI Enzymatic Technology Cleaner.

Purify Your Pet Salon and Pet Hotel with SHIBUI Enzymatic Technology Cleaner.

What Does It Take to Strike a Balance Between Nature and Science?

The answer lies in Green Science, which is the engineering of natural ingredients that are free from impurities and more stable in potency. Paired with bio-enzyme ingredients that are sourced directly from world leading biotechnology company in Europe.

Healthy Living Through The 4 Green Sciences of SHIBUI

At SHIBUI, we believe everyone deserves to live safely, serenely, and free from harm. So, we turn to earth’s best scientist – nature itself – to develop our 4 Green Sciences.

European patented enzyme technology

– Advanced enzymes from Novozyme
– Contains protease and amylases

Bio-engineered natural ingredients

Higher effectiveness, free from impurities, and maintains consistent potency for consistent results

Certified pesticide-free essential oil

– Certified by Eurofins (GfA Germany Lab)
– Free from 300+ pesticides and toxic-free

Certified under COSMOS standard

Our products meet strict standards for organic and natural ingredients produced with the highest sustainability practices, and are globally recognized by the cosmetic industry

What is Bio-Enzyme Cleaner?

Bio-Enzyme cleaners aren’t your usual cleaning products full of strong scents and chemicals. Bio-Enzyme cleaners are natural and uses biological enzymes to breakdown molecules in dirt, food stains and bad odors quickly and effectively. An enzyme is a type of protein or food-based amino acids, which are produced by living organism or good bacteria.

How does Bio-Enzyme Cleaner Work?

Bio-Enzyme cleaners contain beneficial bacteria (such as Proteases, Amylases and Lipases) that can breakdown complex waste particles into smaller pieces that bacteria can more easily consume. These smaller particles (for eg, organic waste, urine, grease, stains) become “food” for bacteria to digest and breakdown into two basic compounds-carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H20).

Apart from their superior cleaning abilities, bio-enzyme cleaners do not need strong scented perfumes to cover up odors because they can breakdown stains and odors completely. Enzymes continue working for 12-24 hours after application on the affected area.

Household cleaners such as vinegar, lemon and baking soda are not enzymatic cleaners. They use high acidity (to forcibly strip surface layer) or high alkaline (to neutralise and loosens stains) thereby breaking the stain bond. Therefore, they are not pH neutral and cannot penetrate into tile lines, tiny cracks and crevices for a deeper clean. On the other hand, Bio-enzyme cleaners are pH neutral and are able to penetrate deep inside tiny cracks and crevices.

SHIBUI’s Bio-Enzyme Cleaners are using European Patented Enzyme Technology, safe and scientifically proven.

Why Do Pet Business Owners Need to Switch to SHIBUI Enzyme Cleaners?

Endorsed by top cat grooming training academies

Endorsed by multiple award winning groomer and trainer

Proven superior stain & odor removal (including pet urine)

Natural insect repellent (ants & mosquitoes)

Extremely fast & effective

Safe and non-toxic

Cost savings to pet business owners

Trusted by

Why Use Safe Cleaning Products?

Baby & Pet safe
Gentle on skin

No bleach
No formaldehyde
No phosphates
No phthalates
No allergens
No skin irritants
No respiratory irritants
No harsh detergent

Avoid Using These Cleaners

As they are potentially hazardous and are likely to pose more health risk as well as damage your surfaces.

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