Oat Treatment Shampoo

End the Fur-ustration, naturally!

Discover Shibui’s Oat Treatment Shampoo for Pets. The perfect solution for pet grooming and healthy skincare, highly recommended by pet salon professionals!

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Are your furry companions struggling with…

Itchy, irritated skin, rashes, or fungal infections

Your pet’s itchy skin can lead to red patches, hair loss, and excessive scratching. Fungal infections may appear as ringworm or crusty areas. These issues can be caused by allergies, fleas, mites, or stress.

Dry, flaky skin and excessive shedding

Dry, dull fur tangles easily and breakage can be caused by dehydration, poor diet, or health issues. Excessive shedding leaves clumps of fur everywhere. This can be alarming.

Compulsive grooming that leads to bald patches

Your pet’s relentless licking, chewing, and biting leads to bald patches and potentially painful hot spots. This behaviour can be caused by allergies, anxiety, boredom, or skin parasites, causing them significant discomfort.

Bath time battles and difficulty maintaining cleanliness

Bath time turns into a battle, with your pet resisting and squirming. Traditional shampoos can irritate their skin, making them even more reluctant to bathe, causing stress for both of you.

Wellness Fact

Do you know?

  • Some shampoos are unsuitable for all pets and can cause skin irritation, fur loss, and rashes/dermatitis.

  • Pet allergies can be caused by a variety of things, including pet food, pet saliva, pet urine, poor-quality cat litter, harsh chemicals in floor cleaners, and dust mites.

  • Many medicated shampoos and flea & tick sprays can make your pet's skin and fur dry. This happens because they often have strong chemicals that kill fleas, ticks, fungi, and other skin parasites.


Shibui's Oat Treatment Shampoo

At Shibui, we understand the importance of maintaining your pet’s overall health and well-being. So, we’ve developed our salon-grade Oat Treatment Shampoo specifically for pawparents who want the best for their furry companions.

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Here’s how your furkids can enjoy healthy skincare with Shibui Oat Treatment Shampoo in 3 easy steps!

  • Step 1

    Dispense a sufficient amount of Shibui Oat Treatment Shampoo.

  • Step 2

    Apply the shampoo to your pet's wet coat and skin, work it into a rich lather, and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes.

  • Step 3

    Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Product Fact

Organic Ingredients

Our Premium Oat Ingredient Are Certified By: COSMOS-Standard. The largest international standard for organic. The COSMOS-standard is managed by not-for-profit international and independent associations (the Brussels based COSMOS-standard AISB).