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What Is A Bio-Enzymatic Cleaner, And How Does It Work?

Enzymes are substances found in animals and plants that work to speed up chemical reactions. As catalysts, they can break down or build up other molecules, making them a powerful tool for cleaning.

Bacteria Produce Enzymes (Proteases, Amylases, and Lipases)

Enzymes Break Down Large Particles (Stain, Urine, Grease)

Bacteria Digest Small Particles As Food

SHIBUI’S Bio-Enzyme Cleaners

100% Natural, Safe & Scientifically Proven

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Why Do Pet Business Owners Need to Switch to Shibui Enzyme Cleaners?

Proven superior stain and odor removal (including pet urine)

Natural insect repellent (ants & mosquitoes)

Extremely fast & effective

Safe and non-toxic

Cost savings

ESG compliant

Improve ESG rating by investors

Support your customers’ green supply chain initiatives

Effective Cleaning for Any Surfaces with SHIBUI Enzyme Cleaners

Floor Surface Area

  • Suitable for cleaning hard floor surfaces, such as tile, hardwood, and laminate.
  • The enzymes break down dirt, grime, and other organic substances, leaving the floors clean and fresh.
  • Rinse-free and enables deep odor removal.

Carpet and Fabric

  • Works well on tough stains, breaking down marks made by oil, proteins such as blood, or tannins like coffee or red wine
  • Able to penetrate the material’s fiber deeply, leaving the fabric looking new and smelling fresh.

Kitchen and Dining Area

  • Effective at removing grease, oil, and food stains.
  • Safe to use on any surfaces in kitchen area, table tops and dining area.


  • Highly effective in removing tough stains such as urine, feces, and blood and eliminating unpleasant odors in the bathroom.
  • Gentle and safe to use on pipes and delicate surfaces without causing any damage.

Start Earning ESG Points Today And Create a Safer & Healthier Environment For All!

Why Use Safe Cleaning Products?

Baby & Pet safe
Gentle on skin

No bleach
No formaldehyde
No phosphates
No phthalates

Avoid Using These Cleaners

As they are potentially hazardous and are likely to pose more health risk as well as damage your surfaces.

Bio-Based Solutions for Everyday Living!

Join our mission for a sustainable world and choose SHIBUI Enzymatic Cleaning Solutions

– ideal for Corporate Offices, Child Care Centers, F&B Outlets, and More!

Our Premium Oat Ingredients are certified under COSMOS standard for organic cosmetic by:

Maintain a highly hygienic space while saving costs with the most potent enzyme cleaners in the market.

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